3 Steps to create a visual strategy for your brand

In a recent article we discussed why a visual strategy for your business is so important in today’s marketing landscape.

What’s a visual strategy again?

Your visual marketing strategy incorporates the design, photographs, illustrations, videos, logo, colours and other brand elements that you can see across your online and print material. In our information-flooded world, the visual elements have become crucial to gaining and holding attention, particularly online.

Here are 3 steps you need to take to ensure your visual material is strategic, professional and effective.



1. Assess current material

Use this as your starting point and work with a professional who knows how visual elements work in your marketing – what you think looks good may not be the way things are perceived by your target audience.

2. Identify priorities

Having looked at your visual marketing’s current strengths and weaknesses, highlight the areas that most need attention. This may be website friendliness and design, it may be your logo and colours are outdated, perhaps you desperately need some good profile photos of your team to bring an appealing human element to your website, or your target market is begging for images and video that clearly demonstrate what you do and why you are unique. Again, a brand consultant like a marketing agency, image expert, graphic designer or photographer can assist you in deciding what is most important to tackle first, but also talk with your team and gain their perspective.

 3. Budget, timeline, plan

Find out the facts about what’s involved in making changes, beginning with your priorities. Look for consultants who take time to find out about you and your business, who communicate clearly and are transparent, and work with them to plan your next moves.

Want more help?

There are loads more general tips for creating a visual strategy on my blog, as well as some industry-specific ideas.

We are also running workshops on just that, together with colleagues specialising in different areas of branding.

All brands need a tailored and unique visual marketing strategy! Some starting points you may wish to consider are our one-on-one creative consultations or our DIY Photo Health Check Kit that you can sign up for on our website.