5 quick tips to enjoy Christmas and hit the ground running afterwards

You DON’T want to work yourself silly right up to Christmas Eve… but you DO want to enjoy the holidays knowing you are ready to power into the new year when it’s time to get back to business.


Here are 5 no-nonsense tips that ought to do the trick.

1.One list (not the one for Santa)

Throw every little to do onto one list – don’t worry about organisation, just get it down fast! Every thought that comes into your head that you’ll need to remember later – get that on the list too. Then highlight the ones that must be done (I mean MUST – as in – the world will fall off its axis if it isn’t done) before Christmas. Then just get on and do them before anything else. Why? You’ll be less stressed, more focused, more efficient… meaning you’ll spend only the necessary time in the office. 


2. Do one token thing to get into the Christmas spirit

I don’t get into Christmas in a huge way, so I make it a rule that at the very least we will go out and get a real tree (just a little one from Bunnings is good enough) and decorate it, while listening to Christmas carols (probably the only time I will) and eating Christmas treats, the very first weekend in December. Why? Because stopping to celebrate makes you a healthier, happier person (and you’re family will love you more).

3. Do at least 1 thing from now until Christmas that is just for you

Some of mine are: go to the beach, go to the gym, hold a champagne breakfast with friends to celebrate our 2013 achievements, meditate Why? Because if you don’t take time out to breathe,  you’ll surely lose it on Christmas Day!

4. Allocate one whole day to clear the decks

On this day, scheduled well before Christmas, you do things like tidy the office, clear out your email, cross off unimportant items from your diary, go over your financials, find that piece of paper with your 2013 goals and go through them (and laugh/cry/pat yourself on the back). Work out what your focus has been in business and life this year, whether or not it helped you, and what you want your focus to be next year. Why? Go into Christmas with a sense of relief and into January with a clear head (once the champagne wears off).

5. Make your January bookings now

If you truly want to be ahead of the pack in business, you can do so quite easily  in our lovely country, because Australians love to fall asleep for all of December and January. I make the most of this by making January my strategy-planning time for the year ahead. It’s also a time to get ahead with website updates, social media and other marketing (including, of course, killer photographs!) to ensure you have the WOW factor when everyone else wakes up. Why? Think I just explained it. 

I’m exhausted, you’re exhausted… but I am personally going to do my best to tick of these 5 things to make sure I have a brilliant Christmas and start to the new year… hope you do too.

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