A fantastic photo shoot starts with YOU

There’s a lot you can do to ensure you have a great professional photo shoot… so take ownership to enjoy your shoot and get maximum ROI!

Before the shoot

  • Check you understand what is expected of you – do you need to organise a running sheet, location, permissions… or is this being done for you by your photographer? Do you need to source particular ‘props’ or clothing?
  • Do you know what to wear? We give our clients a tip sheet to help them feel informed about what looks good through the lens. If you are unsure, it’s much better to ask and be prepared than chance a guess at what will work and run the risk of being disappointed in your photos.
  • Make sure you are clear on what is and isn’t included in your photography package – e.g. black and white editing, special effects, extra airbrushing… these are usually extras because they take time if done well


During your shoot

  • Your photographer should guide you through the setups for each shot so you aren’t left wondering what to do. However, if you are unsure, ask for clarification or ideas. Don’t be afraid to contribute ideas of your own!
  • Posing for photographs can be tiring. If you need a break, take it, or the strain will show on your face.
  • Understand that excellent shots take time to set up. Unless you and your photographer are able to schedule extra time, don’t expect the photographer to ‘just quickly take a photo of …’ just because they have a camera in their hands. It is better to plan for a few quality setups than a long list of shots that you will both have to rush through.

After your shoot

  • Check with your photographer what the next step is. Usually, this will involve post-production editing and delivery of work. To avoid a hold-up, ensure you abide by the terms of your agreement – such as paying your invoice on time.
  • If you need the work by a certain date make sure you tell the photographer as early as possible – preferably at the time of booking the shoot. We finish our projects within two weeks of the shoot but if a client has let us know in advance that they need their work earlier, we usually can schedule it in to suit.
  • Communicate with your photographer if there are any problems after your shoot. Photography is a subjective art and if the photos don’t meet your expectations for any reason, a good photographer wants to know this and try to make it right for you. If it’s a reasonable complaint or request, this usually doesn’t cost the client any more, so it’s worth touching base.

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