Julissa presents for AFA

Association of Financial Advisers sundowner: YOU Online – Personal Branding for Business Success

Julissa presents for AFA

Association of Financial Advisers Ales & Tales Perth 15th November 2018 

In order to be visible and influential, you need to bring who you are to work: to clarify the value you bring and why people would choose to work with YOU. This is your personal brand – and these days, this is shaped ONLINE.

In this presentation, you will discover why a personal brand matters for today’s leaders; you will be challenged to get clear on your own personal brand and you will learn how to step up your impact and visibility, through clear and consistent communication of your value. You will walk away with an understanding of the power of a skilfully positioned personal brand.

Key outcomes include:

  • Learn how your personal brand is shaped, in person and online – with or without your knowledge!
  • Discover how to develop a standout professional presence online, through powerful positioning, finding your point of difference and increasing visibility
  • Understand how to connect on a human level online and build real relationships, using your website and LinkedIn
  • Learn how to align your face-to-face and online efforts for maximum leverage

Julissa presents for AFA