flowers and billboard

But wait! There’s more… Your little extras

You know you’re not just selling a set of steak knives…

Besides your main service, there are a lot of little extras you offer your clients. Some are on the pricelist, but even more just come with the service and are only discovered as people work with you.

In a world where the competition is fierce and easily available, it’s your little extras that are going to set you apart from everyone else and ensure your customers return again and again. Sometimes they’ll tell others about the little extras and that’s really good… but how do you ensure that people who find you through a Google search notice that you are not just selling the standard set of steak knives? That, wait – there’s more?

flowers and billboard

Spell out what makes you different

On my Home page and ‘Our Process’ page, I clearly point out why my business is special. I have worked hard to fine tune these, seeing what the competition aren’t doing that people want, and ensuring I deliver it. A big part of this for me is being a true Australian thought leader in personal branding.

What do people complain about when they go to your competition? How are you doing it better? Spell it out.

While focusing on your core service, offer some variations

New customers will enter at different levels, so it’s important to offer products and services at different price points. This builds trust gradually with newcomers, while offering a full service to those who are ready. It also caters for differing preferences in how people receive the information you offer.

On my website there are points where you can find out more about the core services of either individual personal branding or personal branding for organisations, and people can choose great-value packages or personally tailored work. On top of that, I offer easy-entry items like books, online products and workshops that you can often purchase online. Finally, I offer loads of free visual and written information through my blog and newsletters, so that people can learn more about personal brand strategy and other topics, while getting to know me and my work before phoning to book an appointment.

Know your passion and highlight it

Finding your passion has become a bit of cliché, but if you think about it, the businesses that shine are the ones whose owners are in love with what they do and are committed to making it amazing. If this is you (and business owners: it should be!) then highlight that passion so that people can see you shine brighter than the rest. 

I have dedicated a whole page on my website to what I love to do and why. I reinforce this with a ‘Results’ and  ‘Client Love’ page that demonstrate others reacting positively to my passionate work, through vibrant photo testimonials.

Demonstrating your little extras doesn’t mean telling a potential customer everything at once when they first enquire, or creating a super long list of services you will offer. It’s about stopping and thinking about the little things you do every day to make your clients or customers feel special, and demonstrating that to your target audience in creative ways. This is a big part of my job not only in marketing my own business but in helping my clients with their branding. I love to see why they are special and come up with ways they can show that to the world!