Client Masterclass Series

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Small-group sessions to review and develop your professional personal branding, for clients of New Work Consulting.

For those highly-experienced business owners and professionals who have completed brand projects with us, we would like to offer a series of workshops to check in on your progress, assist you in applying identified strategies and up-skill you to elevate your brand further.

Features of the Masterclass Workshops:

  • Limited to a small group of highly-experienced professionals we have worked with – an opportunity for like-minded people to meet and share ideas
  • A chance to check in on your business/personal branding progress, refresh on topics such as LinkedIn strategy, and get work done on your branding and marketing during the session
  • Practical sessions lead by Julissa
  • Book as you wish
  • Pricing is at a special rate for existing clients of NWC

The workshop structure:

  • 20 minutes to check-in on progress and for introductions/networking
  • 80 minute workshop of guided activities and templates to assess, improve and work on a particular area of your business or personal brand strategy – bring your laptop and notes
  • 20 minute open session to ask general questions and work on an area of your choice 

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Topics are guided by participants, and may include:

Set up your personal brand goals and plan for the new year

Set up your 2019 Strategic Marketing Plan

Set up a Marketing Communications System your team can run with

Get clear on your Personal Brand

Set up your personalised LinkedIn Strategy

Create a strategic Networking plan

Past and current clients of NWC are invited to contact us with expressions of interest.