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Corporate profile photography trends

woman with coffee

The studio look for portraits, while having its place, is now no longer the go-to for corporate profile photography.

Contemporary profile photos offer a fresher, more personable feel that complement today’s website and graphic design trends.

Trends in corporate profile photography today include:

business man outside building

An editorial look

Like in an editorial spread for a business magazine, profile and team photos that offer some context and story… whether it be your city in the background, your office environment, or a specially chosen location that sets a particular mood… these images are much more appealing and create an image of success.

A natural setup

Traditional power poses are OUT. Poses that feel and look natural, such as leaning on a wall, a laughing face, even walking down the street in conversation – these profile photos say you are a real person who it would be easy and pleasant to talk to.

A pop of colour

Introducing some personality or fun through a splash of colour in your clothing, props or background will make your photos stand out from the crowded online space, and will create interest and connection with your audience.

Introducing a touch of the natural, relaxed, fun or interesting is on trend in every industry, as people are looking to connect with something real amongst all that digital information.

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Woman working at desk

Man in business suit with brick wall

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