Three business men talking

Corporate services photography trends: Showing your company ‘at work’

Three business men talking

Contemporary branding and website design demand images that are both professional AND real – that is, they demonstrate your unique team of people and the work they do.

While stock images have their place (they are certainly a cost-effective way of depicting generic scenes that may require a lot of time to set up as an individual photo shoot), they should not replace images of real staff at work (preferably with real clients or customers). This is because:

1. Most stock photos miss the target in terms of cultural appropriateness, content and message. Stock photos are now easily available and vary greatly in quality.

2. A fake image of a corporate scene does nothing to connect with your audience, who is looking at your website to get a feel for what it’s really like to work with you!

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Trends in quality corporate ‘at work’ photos today include:

Real people, real place

The smiling, friendly faces of the people your clients will really see when they visit you, and the environment they are likely to be working in (whether that’s your office, an office that looks the part, a café or another environment)… NOT a bunch of stock photos taken who knows where, with the fake smiles, gestures, handshakes… these days that will at best inspire no response, at worst turn people off completely.

A natural setup, professionally arranged

A scene that feels and looks natural, but is carefully arranged by the photographer (quality lighting, posing and positioning that gives the right message, attention to the details in the scene), will in an instant put your prospective client at ease as they warm to your people.

A pop of colour, a bit of fun

Introducing some personality and fun through a splash of colour in your clothing, props or background will make your photos stand out from the crowded online space, and will create interest and connection with your audience.

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