Create a LinkedIn STRATEGY that will achieve your goals

As part of my work building business and personal brands, I train individuals and teams on using LinkedIn effectively… but this is so much more than knowing what the buttons do. The way I work with LinkedIn for my clients involves looking at their particular goals and isolating the best tools to achieve them efficiently – because most people I meet simply can’t spend hours on LinkedIn every week!

Your LinkedIn strategy (and the way I use LinkedIn for my clients), should involve the following:

1. Identify your top professional goals.

Why do you want to use LinkedIn in the first place?

2. Spend some time defining your brand on paper.

Whether this is your business brand or your personal brand (professional image), you must clarify the key messages you want to project about your work.

3. Clearly identify your target market, including example companies and individuals you would like to work with.

This will allow you to be specific in building your network on LinkedIn.

4. Identify quality groups on LinkedIn that you could join.

This involves searching and then spending some time on groups – a bit of trial and error – before you’ll know which groups are worth your time. Generally, I advise my high-level professional clients to join groups hosted by well-known existing companies (e.g. Professional Speakers Association), and my start-up clients servicing local customers to join small business groups for networking and support.

5. Learn some insider tips for working it on LinkedIn.

There are lesser-known tools about how you can be smart on LinkedIn to achieve what you want, further than publishing posts and joining groups. Engage a quality trainer to find these out!

6. Put it all together in a consistent plan.

Work out what needs to be done each week, by whom, following your identified key LinkedIn strategies. There is power in consistency, being visible as a united brand week after week on LinkedIn.

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