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Create your Personal Brand for business success

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An information-packed, interactive workshop to get your professional image in line with your business goals.


Alba Gomez – Director, Alba Gomez Image Consultancy

Alba takes the best from her popular first impressions and style workshops to bring you this workshop in personal branding for business success. Winner of the recent Nifnex Top 100 Most Influential Award, Alba has worked with a range of businesses, from individuals to IKEA!

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Julissa Shrewsbury – Director, New Work Photography

Julissa brings you insider tips and ideas from her photography and visual strategy consultancy, to show you how to create a powerful personal brand online. Her multi-award winning agency’s achievements include CEBA Best Marketing Initiative Runner Up and Constant Contact Marketing All Stars.

Alba and Julissa have worked together for the past four years to help their clients project exceptional personal brands through their style, behaviour and marketing visuals. Alba and Julissa’s business values and the client experience they create are perfectly aligned, and you will enjoy the energy and knowledge that this team brings to their workshops.

In this workshop

  • Why creating a clear personal brand strategy is so important to meet your business goals in today’s market
  • Why first impressions count and how to make the right one – both in person and online!
  • How to enhance the way you look and be memorable for the right reasons
  • Elements of a powerful personal brand strategy
  • Ideas for representing yourself visually online that will ensure you send the right message and stand out from your competition

PLUS these bonus resources:

  • Alba’s Communication Assessment for visual, written and verbal communication
  • Julissa’s DIY Photo Health Check for your brand
  • Alba’s Great Impressions Action Plan
  • Julissa’s in-depth template for communicating your brand to graphic and web designers