two ladies coffee meeting

Do you know your personal brand?

two ladies coffee meeting

Working with business brands, I observe lots of elements every day that tell a story about people and their work. These observations as well as my own experiences running a business have taught me that a person’s professional image (or personal brand) needs to be considered and moulded or, like our imaginations, will run wild and not always in the direction we want! Directing ideas about people and businesses through words, pictures and actions is really what forms the basis of branding.

YOUR brand is out there…

Do you know it? Do you OWN it?

Here are some questions to put your personal brand to the test:

  1. Can you quickly and easily state your top three values in how you do business or conduct your work?
  2. Do you frequently receive comments and feedback, that you deem favourable, about your contributions online (posts, blog, newsletter, portfolio, website, contributions to online discussions)?
  3. Can you confidently state three positive things people would say about you in relation to your work?
  4. Have you got an up-to-date, well-thought-out online profile page (such as a LinkedIn profile or bio), including a high-quality photograph that was taken for that purpose?
  5. Do you set boundaries about how much personal information you will share online? 

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