Checklist on tablet

Do you tick off a list of purposeful actions when you are on LinkedIn?

Checklist on tablet

Most professionals spend some time on LinkedIn on a regular basis. Most of these aren’t actively looking for their next job but are on LinkedIn for other purposes, such as expanding their networks, positioning their personal brand, attracting new clients and staying top of mind with existing ones.

If this sounds like you, the question is: How effective are you at achieving these purposes when you’re on LinkedIn?

Are you following actionable steps related to your purpose, or are you simply ‘floating around’ when you spend time on LinkedIn?

Certainly LinkedIn is an interesting space and it’s valuable to spend a little time ‘floating’ to see what comes up – reading about the latest trends in your industry or that of your target market, seeing what your network has been up to, and so on. But LinkedIn is such a powerful tool when you go beyond that and work with purpose for a short, but focused, period of time each week.

“LinkedIn is such a powerful tool when you go beyond that and work with purpose for a short, but focused, period of time each week.”

The specific steps I plan out for my clients are largely dependent on their particular goals, personal brand and target audience. However, some of the steps to add to your LinkedIn plan might include:

  • Check notifications to see who has interacted with your material and may need a response, or who you know is celebrating a work anniversary or other announcements that you can show your support for
  • Check your direct messages to see who needs responding to
  • Connect with any new clients or contacts you’ve recently made
  • Update your profile page or company page with any new highlights (e.g. an award recently won or a presentation given)
  • Write an article or a short post (e.g. share your knowledge on a topic or share a link to an interesting article you recently read)
  • Visit the page of a key contact or company and share/like/comment on a post they’ve written – to be where they are!

The easiest way to start is to get a sheet of paper and at the top write your purpose for being on LinkedIn (Hint: This should be related to a professional or business goal). Underneath, identify some tactics or steps you can take, every time you are on LinkedIn, to work towards that purpose. The keys are: a clear focus and consistency of actions.

If you allocate a short amount of time weekly to ticking off your steps on LinkedIn, you will find the experience much more rewarding and be closer to achieving those goals.

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