Don’t be shy! The camera will love you

Many people will tell you they’ve always wanted to have a professional photo shoot done, not just for the fun of the experience but to see themselves in a different light… to see what more they can be.

But everyone’s had a bad photo taken, everyone’s had a bad hair or skin day, and most people have at least one hang-up about their looks! The idea of posing in front of a camera under bright studio lights is too much to bear!

Or maybe you’ve seen a bunch of traditional glamour portraits of others and don’t really fancy having your hair boofed up and lying semi-naked on a fur rug. Maybe just once you’d like to see what you’d look like as a model on the cover of your favourite magazine, or have photographs of yourself and your loved ones that you could call a piece of art, something to hang on the wall without your house starting to look like your grandmother’s!

Despite the worries, at the back of your mind you’re thinking you should get your portrait done so that one day you can look back and say, ‘Wow, I was good-looking and I didn’t know it.’ So what are you waiting for? Here are some encouraging things you might not know about professional photography…

What you might not know about a professional photo shoot

1.    An individual photo shoot is not like a family shoot, classroom photo or wedding shoot. It’s just you and the photographer, who hopefully has taken the time to get to know you and what you want. It should not be rushed but make you feel comfortable – most portrait photographers do this very well.

2.    A portrait photo shoot can take place anywhere. Some people find the blank canvas of the studio becomes a neutral place where they can express themselves in front of the camera, a playroom for grownups to try being someone else! Others find they are more comfortable in their own home and want their environment to be included in the photographs, because it says something about who they are. Still others like the adventure of an on-location shoot – my personal favourite! Together with your photographer or stylist you can come up with a theme or story, and a location to match, much like a magazine fashion shoot.

3.    Studio lights work wonders for your looks. There is a reason photographers spend thousands of dollars on huge lights for their studio. As any visual artist knows, a painting, portrait or any other visual form is predominantly about light. Where the light is placed and the quality of light can create mood, colour, special effects and can sculpt the face and body. No red eyes or flat tone here! Professional photographers know a lot about how to maximise your looks using special lighting.

4.    You don’t always have to spend huge amounts of money or even buy prints. Photographers are now changing what they offer you, in response to the digital age. As photographs, printing and good equipment become more accessible to all, photographers are looking for new ways to create value for their customers. Many photographers are reasonably priced and can offer some very good deals. Look for transparency: if you feel the photographic agency is being up front about costs and expectations, you are probably on to a good thing.

5.    And you don’t have to go it alone. Ask about package deals for you and a small group of friends or your team. New Work Photography has some great-value packages for fashion, commercial and corporate shoots.

Check out Our Clients’ Photo Stories, to read some real-life accounts of posing under the bright lights! And if you have an experience you’d like to share, or a maybe a question that’s been bugging you, contact us or visit our Facebook page. Let’s encourage our gorgeous friends who’ve been thinking about a photo shoot to take the plunge!