Dress to impress: How to look your best in photographs

People often ask ‘What should I wear?’ when preparing for their photo shoot. Depending on the shoot, the look might be casual, corporate, glamorous or even fantasy, but there are some general guidelines you can follow to always look your best in photographs.


 Getting ready for a shoot with Caldi Design and Changing Faces Makeup 


Image by Jennifer at work choosing clothing and accessories for a shoot

Don’t be dull

Wearing bright colours will make you look alive! Of course, don’t wear bright orange if it’s not your thing because you’ll feel silly and it will show, but even a splash of red on a tie or a statement piece of jewellery makes a difference. Generally, people with fair skin look great in cool colours like blue or even pink, and those with olive or dark skin suit warm colours like oranges and browns. Red seems to look good on everyone, and it’s a symbol of power and confidence. White can look great but if the shoot is on a white background, you may run into problems, so it’s best to check.

And mix it up! Don’t wear all one colour (although in fashion or art shots, all one colour can have a stunning dramatic effect), and don’t be afraid of pattern – just stick to one and don’t wear shirts with slogans unless it’s important for your shoot.

Bright colour goes for makeup too, ladies! Don’t go overboard and do your face up for the stage (unless it’s a fashion or theatrical shoot… my favourite!), but a little red lippy or even a shiny gloss goes a long way. Strong mascara looks great. Be careful of blush or cheek staining products – blend blend blend or the lights will pick up that streak across your face! Foundation should blend down your neck and if it’s much darker than your skin, keep going to the neckline of your top (what are you doing wearing such dark foundation anyway??).

Take it easy

Many rush out and get their hair cut before their photo shoot, but quite often that gives you that a-little-too-fresh-from-the-salon look… you know, too short or severe. Unless you’re going for a dramatic look, choose a natural style you’re used to.

I see you baby

Think about what you or others love best about who you are, and see if there’s a way you can show that to the camera. If you have a favourite colour, accessory or outfit, use it.  You might consider including special ‘props’ or environments – things that have meaning to you.

Enjoy your photo shoot!

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