Woman writing cellar floor

Elements of a HEAD-TURNING bio

Woman writing cellar floor

What makes a profile description that turns heads?

Whether your write-up is for an ‘About me’ page, LinkedIn profile, Author or Speaker bio, you need a description that gets to the point about why people want to work with YOU.

To turn heads, your bio must:

  • Include a headline clearly and succinctly stating your position
  • Explain in a key statement what services you offer, who to, how you are different to your competitors, what your specialties are, and the locations you serve
  • Demonstrate your qualifications, knowledge and expertise
  • Foster trust through social proof – testimonials, client lists, case studies, work history, awards, media exposure
  • Show something of who you are as an individual (e.g. background, personal story, personal interests) – remember, people want to do business with real people!
  • Demonstrate your passions, because people want to work with people who care!
  • Include a killer photo of you (professional, eye-catching, inviting, appropriate, correct size)
  • Be tailored to your audience, using their language and keeping their needs and wants at the forefront (who benefits and how)
  • Read naturally (comfortable language, tell stories) yet professionally (correct language and not a single mistake) 

These tips and more are covered with my clients during consulting and training sessions as they build their personal brands. To find out more, visit www.newworkconsulting.com.au

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