Hand with gold paint on it

Find your golden nugget of differentiation and value

Hand with gold paint on it

When I’m working to clarify someone’s personal brand, I am digging for that golden nugget that makes them different and brings big value to the people they work with.

This ‘golden nugget’ is usually related to their purpose, passions or past experience.

For example, if someone is super clear on why they get up in the morning and go to their job, or they are really passionate about creating change for their stakeholders (team, customers, clients…), this energy is the ‘golden nugget’ we want to really demonstrate in their online positioning. We want someone Googling this person to get the same feeling of vibrancy and drive that they would get if they happened to meet them at a business event and asked them about what they do. Why? Because people want to work with people who believe in something and are confident in their ability to create real results!

Another place that the golden nugget of value and differentiation often hides is in past experiences. For example, I recently discovered that a client I was working with had a history as a professional athlete. As a young man, this was a baptism of fire into the world of competition and the importance of a success mindset. The lessons he learned from these early days inform the approach he takes to training and mentoring businesses today. Yet – this very appealing point of difference was not mentioned anywhere on his website or LinkedIn profile.

So what’s your golden nugget that makes you stand out as different and valuable in your profession?

Maybe you love what you do but haven’t taken the time to define exactly what processes or outcomes really give you that sense of purpose and satisfaction in your work. But if you can clearly communicate this, in person and online, you will more easily draw the right people and opportunities to you.

Maybe you are no athlete, but you had a previous career that gives the way you approach things in your current work a really interesting slant. Or you have travelled extensively and learned some things about what works in business overseas. Or your cultural background allows you to connect quickly and easily with key players.

We all think we know ourselves really well, but it’s amazing what we learn from reflective processes such as discussions and exercises in groups, one-on-one, or even by ourselves. My experience working with many, many people on their personal brands has been that there is ALWAYS a golden nugget to uncover.