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Why professional photos for business? What the client says

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Hi Julissa,

Thanks again for all of your work over the 3-month period of the case study.  Both Ryan Z and I really enjoyed working with you and the results have been fantastic.  

Here are my comments on the experience.

1. What value do you see in an ongoing monthly fixed-fee setup for photography, for marketing a business?

Two Feet & a Heartbeat is a business that relies on images that give an accurate portrayal of our services to customers before they book a tour with us.  Having a large supply of images for our website, brochures and social media is critical in helping us depict what customers can expect when coming along on a walking tour with Two Feet.  Because of our big demand for quality images that tell a story I see an incredible amount of value for business like mine with ongoing, fixed-fee photography.  A constant supply of images can be produced to help with content creation across multiple social platforms, as well as professional having professional photography services available for any events that may come up through the year.

Ad hoc photo projects that come up have to be budgeted for and the monthly setup allows business to have a fixed cost for all of their photography services over a fixed period of 3 months but can also be extended to suit requirements.

2. How are your new photos bringing you more business success?

I see the new photos we have had taken by New Work Photography driving increased sales and conversion for our business across multiple channels.  On our own website, the new images help customers better understand what they can expect when coming on a tour with us.  

When comparing the new photos to those of our competitors, the new images show how our guides engage with customers, that the tours are fun and educational as well as being fun and informative.  For our agents and resellers all over the globe they will help to sell the tours as a unique product that can be enjoyed by a diverse range of customers.

3. Other comments

New Work Photography was a pleasure to work with.  They helped us form our creative vision for the photos and provided scheduling sheets to make sure we got the right shots in the right places at the right time.  

It was also great to receive the images quickly and to get the high-res images, including a copy watermarked with our logo, after each shoot was completed.  I have no hesitations recommending New Work and will be actively referring business their way.


Ryan Mossny

Two Feet & a Heartbeat

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