audience at presentation

Get great presenting shots

audience at presentation

If you’re a presenter, you’ll know the frustration of slim pickings between speaking photos where the lighting is too dim or shadowy as you stepped out of the only spotlight on the stage, you look too serious as you’re concentrating on what you’re saying, or your mouth was at a funny angle!

In the past, I’ve photographed a LOT of events, and there are definitely some tips I can share to help you get that speaker shot you want.

Speaker presenting

  • Remember to smile as you speak, if you want a shot that looks confident and happy!
  • Lighting can be challenging at events, so wear white or a bright colour up top to throw more light in your face. (This will also help you look fresher, more confident and more appealing to your audience!)
  • Do you have an item of clothing that gets this reaction: “You should wear that colour more often, it looks great on you!”? Then wear it!
  • Choose your clothing very carefully to give the right impression: to look professional, your clothes must have structure, be fitted well, have no gapes/sheer fabrics that reveal what’s underneath, and be made of fabrics that allow your skin to breathe (sweat patches are one of the most negatively distracting looks on stage!)
  • Beware of glossy lipstick or make-up that can reflect light distractingly
  • Make sure nothing else is distracting e.g. jewellery, shoes – if everything is in top condition, fits well and is well coordinated, without too many shiny reflective surfaces or loud prints, then people will notice what you’re saying instead of what you’re wearing
  • Try to stand in the light whenever possible – this allows for much clearer, crisper photographs
  • Beware of your PowerPoint presentation’s overhead projection on your face. Do you want blue skin?
  • Consider that you need shots not just of you on stage, but of the room, and close-ups of people’s engaged expressions, to show the atmosphere of your event
  • Invest in professional photography for at least one event to ensure you have presenting shots worthy of your brand. These will keep your marketing strong for a long time to come

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