Giving a presentation? Why your profile photo matters

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If you are running a business workshop or speaking at a seminar or networking event, you probably will incorporate some visual advertising into your promotions. Perhaps this is in the form of an event flyer, a digital event invitation, a newsletter feature or just a title page with your profile photo projected on screen at the start of the event. 

However you are representing your speaking engagement, remember that the visual aspects say as much about you as your words will on the day.

Here are some reasons why as a speaker, your profile photo matters:

  • Presumably your purpose includes setting yourself up as a professional in your field. If you are using an unprofessional photo, it may suggest you don’t have the small budget necessary to acquire some decent marketing, or just as bad – you don’t pay attention to detail. Professional, you say?
  • It’s also fairly safe to presume you are wanting your audience to trust you. If you are using a photo that was taken in another epoch, it may suggest you are not to be trusted – you are not what you seem. (You can have an up-to-date photograph that makes you look fantastic, no matter that you may feel you looked more fantastic 20 years ago.)
  • As the speaker, you are the face of the company you represent. You will probably take time to present yourself well on the day, so why wouldn’t you ensure your photo is just as presentable? After all, it will be seen by so many more people than will attend your presentation and see you in the flesh!
  • The tone of your profile photo can set the tone for audience reaction to your presentation. Perhaps this sounds far-fetched, but think about photos you’ve seen, perhaps on LinkedIn (don’t forget your profile photo there!), where you’ve made a decision about someone before even meeting them – and when you do meet them, this pre-judgement, good or bad, is already in your mind. A professional profile photograph is set up to project a message of your choosing, and you can set it up so people arrive at your event excited to meet you and ready to listen… powerful psychology at work here!
  • Profile photos are not all the same, and yours can be set up to provide information about what you offer as a speaker. A profile photo doesn’t have to be just a head and shoulders shot – a little context in a photo well taken can give your audience an understanding about who you are and what makes you special. For example, it could incorporate your work environment, a hobby or place you love, something about your presentation’s message, or simply show you interacting positively with people in presentation or consultation. Cool huh?
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Speaker Shaune Clarke

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