HLB Mann Judd Perth networking seminar

HLB Mann Judd breakfast seminar: Networking for Professional People

HLB Mann Judd Perth networking seminar

Networking for professional people

How a professional like you should network!

Many professionals avoid networking because they find it uncomfortable, ‘forced’ and a waste of time. Yet, many of us are aware that we could potentially get more out of networking – after all, it’s a common tool in business and career growth.

Managing Director of New Work Consulting Julissa Shrewsbury has used networking to build her consulting business as well as help many clients in professional services to plan a focused networking strategy to achieve their own goals. Her approach to networking is the polar opposite of the traditional approach – it’s not about working the room, it’s not about attending everything and it’s not about having coffees with everyone you meet. It’s about being strategic, selective, and ‘on-brand’ with who you are as a professional.

In this presentation you will discover:

  • Why you don’t like networking – and why it doesn’t have to be that way
  • Potential outcomes of great networking – being known, being connected & being in the path of opportunities
  • Networking for professional services: What works, what doesn’t
  • How to choose the right events
  • What to do before, during and after networking: Thinking strategically about networking and developing your strategy to get the most out of your time, money and effort

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