Seminar flyer

HLB Mann Judd Seminar: Building your Personal Brand in Business

Seminar flyer

Building Your Personal Brand in Business

Breakfast presentation for HLB Mann Judd clients, Wednesday 9th August 2017

In today’s market, it’s crucial to elevate the professional profiles of your people to meet the increased expectations of your clients and set your staff up as go-to experts in their field. New Work Consulting’s Director and personal branding strategist Julissa Shrewsbury specialises in building powerful PERSONAL brands and will show you how to build and maintain a stand-out professional image in the online space, that will draw people and opportunities to you and help you achieve your business and professional goals. Julissa works with companies to highlight their people as their real point of difference, and teaches them how to connect on a ‘human’ level online.

“Great presentation Julissa. Now I know why every director and CEO I refer to you gives great feedback. You positively impact people’s lives personally and professionally.” – Robert Gordon, Board Accord 

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