How a Creative Profile Shoot helped these Perth businesses

Creative Profile Shoot is a way to demonstrate a brand through your profile photos, and this is something we specialise in.

We asked some of our clients why their Creative Profile Shoot was so important to their success in business. Their responses included the following benefits:

  • Projecting the right image
  • Helping potential customers connect with who we are
  • Standing out from the crowd
  • Demonstrating a professional standard in all our messages
  • Part of the overall design of the website/marketing materials
  • Making me look my best


‘The creative profile shoot was important to my business because it gave me a truly professional image. The variety and quality of images exceeded my expectations.’ – Rebecca Cole, Networking WA


‘I had a definite idea in mind about the shots I wanted from my creative profile shoot as I wanted the photos to be in keeping with Pinc Resumes’ theme (black and white with a hint of pink). The photos were exactly what I wanted. They blended in beautifully with my website and could be used on other marketing tools also. I’ve had some fantastic comments and people get a feel for who I am and what I do.’ – Kylie Kempton,

Pinc Resumes


‘The portraits that were taken by New Work Photography were the first visual images for our company profile. While we understand that the word ‘stockstandard’ in most contexts implies run-of-the-mill, common-place or ordinary; to us it means ‘Stocky’s standard’ which demonstrates a high standard of work ethics, pride in our skills and no compromise on quality to ensure client satisfaction. The photos that resulted from our shoot, we believe, reflected these qualities and who we are. All the feedback from our company profile has been positive, describing the professionalism and quality of the images.’ – Sara & Ron Stockdale, Stockstandard Mechanical


‘With a Personal Concierge business the need to project a professional yet personable image is paramount. Prospective clients viewing our marketing material now see a professional face that comes across as someone they can trust with their most personal and private matters or their business needs. I’m very proud to publish my profile shots within my marketing material.’ – Jay Shaw, Simply Easier Personal Concierge Services


‘The overwhelming feedback I receive is how very professional my site looks, easy on the eye & easy to work through. An important part of this is the photography.’ – Christine Brown, Potential Unlocked

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  1. Sara Stockdale on

    Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and our brand, and for making us feel comfortable in front of the camera!

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