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How often should you update your profile photo?

You should have by now noticed the trend in profile photos that make an impression – people are not only taking seriously the quality of image they are posting to their profile, taking the time to get their photos professionally done, but they are also putting thought into how to express their personal brand creatively, in order to stand out from the competition.

Girl at beach lookout

So what are the signs that it’s time for you to update your profile photo? 

1. Your appearance has changed significantly.

You no longer wear glasses, you’ve changed your hair colour, you’ve lost or gained noticeable weight, you are twenty years older. It’s important that your profile photo is an accurate representation of your current best self. People want to feel like they’ve already met you by seeing your photo, not being duped into thinking you are someone else.

2. Your work role or industry has changed completely.

Your photo says something about who you are and your capabilities, whether you know it or not. Consider how a wardrobe or background change might better represent your exciting new role.

3. If you’ve used the same photo for more than two years.

It’s time to mix it up! People notice when you change up your profile photo. In fact, you should have more than one great shot in your repertoire for use in different contexts, and hopefully, more than just a head-and-shoulders shot – you at work, in consultation, speaking etc. 

4. You don’t like your current profile photo.

It always amazes me when a new client comes to me for a new profile photo saying, ‘I’ve had this one for years, but I’ve never liked it.’ I applaud them for making a change, but think what a photo you hate is doing for your confidence and by extension, your professional image. You want a photo that you are proud to share.

5. You are still using a non-professional photo for your professional profile.

If you want to at least stay up-to-date with the current market’s expectations, let alone stand out ahead of your competition, you need to take your profile photo seriously and get an upgrade now.

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