How photographs build or tear down your personal brand

Read the notes from our presentation for the WA Club, October 2013

Introduction: Branding today

  • Marketing today is online and it’s QUICK
  • Return on Engagement (ROE) is the new Return on Investment (ROI). Since engagement comes from reach, this means higher click through rates to website, conversion rates, and more paying customers.
  • LINKED IN: 40% of its 28 million users over 200 countries check in DAILY
  • FACEBOOK: Photos are the most viral post type

(Sources: Number Crunch: Linked In, August 2013; Social Bakers,

  • What we hope to gain today – confidence & clarity – because in business ‘definition is everything’

PART 1 = What do we mean by ‘personal brand’ and how important is it to your career or business?

John Carlson from WA Club’s Ignite marketing series defines Brand as a set of consistently held consumer expectations and associations.

– So what is a personal brand? The judgement people make about you; so Personal Branding is the process of positioning others to see you a certain way; made of many elements – your work, your relationships (including online), what you say and how you say it, your behaviour, the way you dress…


– Why a personal brand? Everyone buys a perception – customers, clients, investors, employers, employees

– Everyone has a ‘brand’… do you know what yours is? Do you manage it in order to achieve your goals in your business or career?

 I see a personal brand as coming from values – for example my personal and business values include: high quality, artistic work; sensitivity in working with clients; style, professionalism and polish; supporting local artistic talent. These becomes the signposts that guide everything I put out there.

PART 2 = First impressions are visual

  • Why first impressions count – psychology

People often judge based on immediate intuitions – we pick up a remarkable amount of information in seconds. We form these first impressions MORE from what we SEE than what we hear.

  • Why visual – first impressions are online!

Why take care with photographs for your personal branding? Because these days… first impressions are online!

  • Why a professional photo makes a difference to your image


– clarity of message – being strategic about what you’re projecting

– creative concept – to stand out as different

– direction – best poses for your face and body and for your message

– lighting – changes the way you look, changes the tone and therefore the messages

– review – editing and post-processing for best results & to enhance your best qualities!

PART 3 = How can you go beyond boring?


  • The traditional corporate photo versus something more creative – small tweaks to corporate profile photos – natural light for a fresher look, textured walls, using office surroundings, outdoor locations, black and white or edited colour
  • Getting even more creative to highlight your unique qualities (why people want to work with YOU)… my clients have done this through

– location and props – context e.g. working with client/in workspace; or surprising

– clothing and colour

– tone or mood of image e.g. energy, relaxed, approachable and warm, creative, loud

Guests at this presentation received a DIY Photo Health Check Kit for their business or personal brand, plus the opportunity to book in for an individual Creative Consultation with us. You can sign up for the kit or contact us for more information or to book a consultation on our website.

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