How photos can build your restaurant’s brand


We recently were asked to cover the Grand Opening of the new Dome cafe in Port Coogee. This was a great opportunity for the owners not only to gain high-quality footage of an important event but to begin a collection of high-impact images telling the story of their brand to prospective customers.

While we were there, we made sure we got some great shots of various aspects of not only Dome’s brand but what makes Dome Port Coogee unique (like its seaside location, its attractiveness to customers of all ages and its warm and caring staff).

Building a collection of professional images you are proud to use across your marketing will really build your brand and make it say what you want it to say. Here are some examples from our Dome shoot.

Images of staff

Not boring studio shots or mis-matched shots they were asked to bring in, but natural shots that show the team’s warmth and how much fun they are having together in their workplace.




Images of customers

Who are your customers? What experience do you want customers to expect to have? These and other images for Dome show customers of different ages and backgrounds, relaxing and enjoying themselves while they stop for coffee or lunch. Some images were posed, so customers could engage with the camera, and others were candid, capturing special moments.



Images of your space

I’m one of those people who picks a restaurant just as much for the ambience as for the food. It’s an outing and I want to enjoy it in every way! You can showcase even the simplest of venues with creative images taken with an expert eye. At Dome however, it was easy to capture what was great about the Port Coogee cafe!


“Stock” images unique to you

Another aspect that defines the ambience of your establishment is the details, so good images showing off the little things that make your place great are so important. A word of warning: these types of images are in hot demand, so protect them and your brand by ensuring you use watermarked versions where the images can easily be downloaded or copied.





Of course, people DO go for the food and coffee, so showcase your menu with mouth-watering images. And don’t forget behind the scenes where the magic happens!          



Special events

Special events like a cafe opening or just calendar events like Christmas are a great opportunity to show a warm, human side to your establishment and how it is connected with the community. While happy snaps are often fine here, it’s good to have some professional shots of these events that you can use in future marketing.


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2 comments on "How photos can build your restaurant’s brand"

  1. Ashleigh ridgeway on

    Thank you so much Julissa, we could not be happier with your beautiful images. You really put my team and our guests at ease with your personal approach which is evident in your photos.