How to get the BEST out of your Profile and Team Photos

What to talk about with your photographer

The messages you want to send to your target market through your business or personal brand should determine what your people photos look like. Here are four points to talk about with your photographer.


 A natural team photo for Networking WA

1. Photographic Style

There are various styles of photography and some photographers specialise in one in particular. I have my preferred styles that I believe have the best and most impact in today’s business world, but I will also consider the individual brand first and the context (such as the design of the website and marketing materials where the photographs will be used). Some examples of styles for people shots are natural/candid, editorial, theatrical/dramatic, quirky/left of centre.

2. Mood or tone

Colour, black and white, shadow, framing and angle of view are techniques the photographer will use to create certain effects in the photograph’s mood or tone, which in turn affects how the audience will react to your business. This is especially important in profile and team photos, as these are the first impression and the make or break of the potential customer’s connection with your business. You don’t have to decide on these technical choices, but be able to articulate the feeling you want people to get when they look at photographs of your team.

3. Location

I rarely work in a studio, as I believe that people connect with photographs that tell a story, and this is best done through the use of scene – a location to suit your brand. This can also include use of props! Photos in your work place tell a story about your business, or you may choose an outdoor or urban location to tell a story about you in your community. Your photographer should be able to make suggestions and even organise location and props for you.

4. People styling

The clothing, hair and make-up choices you make for you and your team will have a big impact on the photos. It’s really important that you look your best, and make-up for ladies can go a long way in projecting a professional image – so consider this, even if you don’t normally wear make-up. Freshly washed hair is essential (yes, I actually have to say this). For clients who are unsure about clothing or make-up/hair styling I send them a tip sheet and offer to book a stylist for them. I’ve written a lot more on this topic and included articles from styling experts – check out the articles below.

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