How to use photos for AWESOME social media

Here are just a few examples of how our clients use their photos to create BRILLIANT social media content, ensuring they get the most return on investment from their photo shoot.


Alba Gomez Image Consultancy’s ebook promotion

Alba Gomez Image Consultancy has used one of the hero images from her creative profile shoot to grace the cover of her new ebook.

She also regularly uses a variety of images from our shoot to get attention with Facebook promotions for her workshops and specials.

Dr Marny Lishman’s Stressed Goddess Program

Dr Lishman has created a unique online program to help busy and stressed women, and used her creative profile shoot photos to give her promotion a funky and personal feel. After creating this on her website, she is sharing it on social media, using the banner image to gain attention.


Marny screengrabMarny screengrab

NetWA screengrab

Networking WA’s event albums

Networking WA ensures they have professional coverage of all their major events, which they can use to illustrate their work with event clients or their own business events. They also share event shots with attendees of their events through albums on Facebook. Because they let everyone know during the event where to access the photos, Networking WA is constantly driving traffic to their Facebook page, which also contains links to their official website and current promotions.

LinkedIn Profile for Ant Clark, Opportunity International Australia

Ant Clark had a profile shoot done in and around Perth city. He has used the images from this shoot in several ways, including refreshing his profile photo on LinkedIn with a highly polished look.



HM Sass jewellery product showcase

Jewellery designer HM Sass uses a Facebook cover photo and formal product launch updates to compliment her DIY shots, keeping her fans up to date on the latest offerings. 

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