Innovations Catering Case Study

Recently Innovations Catering came to us because they wanted a suite of images to use in a slideshow on their website. They already had some fantastic food photography shot professionally in a studio setup, but needed some behind-the-scenes and action shots of their staff at work creating delicious food for an event. They chose a wedding at the Perth Town Hall for us to photograph.

Our job was to capture close-ups of the food, the head chef and kitchen staff, and the wait and bar staff on the floor delighting guests. This meant two photographers running around to record the fast-paced action, often in tight spaces and low light. It was a combination of careful planning and flying by the seat of our pants, as we needed to know the event running sheet intimately but also to work with sudden changes. The Innovations team were amazingly patient as we hovered over their shoulders or asked them to pause for a quick shot mid-stride.



Booking photography for behind the scenes at an event or a typical day at your venue is a great way to get creative, professional images that showcase what you dobut also bring the energy and fun of your work to your audience. The photos can demonstrate your dedicated team hard at work, creating gorgeous food offerings for your guests. A visual representation of the delight and enjoyment on your customers’ faces as they sample your wares is the best way to sell your product!




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