Ladies, wear red!


A recent shoot with a client inspired me to write this post. I’ve taken her photo before and she always looks lovely… but this time she put on a splash of red and… whoa! 

It’s not about sex appeal (though that’s there and it doesn’t hurt now does it girls?), but about the message it sends when you wear red: confidence, personal power, and impact. In business, these messages are often important.




Red looks great on lots of people and at any age. It enhances the intensity of blue eyes, it makes teeth look whiter, it lifts an otherwise neutral outfit.

Wearing red says you are someone to notice.




Of course everything in moderation – just a splash of red, not matching handbag, shoes and belt please. We left that look behind in the ‘80s!

For those who really don’t like red, pick another bright colour and see how it changes your day. Wearing colour (as opposed to black or grey) throws light into your face and makes you look younger and healthier – this works a treat in photos!



Baby, you look beautiful in bright colours. Go for it!

Thanks to our gorgeous clients who look amazing in red, shown here. You can check out their awesome work in a range of industries on the links below.

Image by Jennifer

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Marny Lishman

Radical Consulting

Commara Aged Care Consulting

Events Management Australia

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One comment on "Ladies, wear red!"

  1. Couldn’t agree more! It’s always striking – and it’s true that there’s a red for everyone.