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LinkedIn Soapbox for Business Knowledge & Software Expo

Expo flyer

Presentation for CA Management Services’ BUSINESS KNOWLEDGE & SOFTWARE EXPO 14th March 2018

Expo for accountants and financial services in Perth, WA

Soapbox Session: 10 tips to attract more sales on LinkedIn

Why is LinkedIn so powerful?

10 tips to use this powerful tool to attract more sales on LinkedIn

  1. Create a strong brand first.
  2. LinkedIn is about individuals. Therefore you need strong personal brands online for your key people. Positioned bios, personal LinkedIn strategic plans.
  3. First impressions count… and they’re visual: Your LinkedIn photo
  4. Elements of a strong LinkedIn profile
  5. A tool to use in partnership with your existing business building activities – does not replace the face-to-face/phone chat!
  6. Content that works your brand: Authentic, consistent, targeted
  7. Content that gets engagement: WIIFM
  8. Develop a LinkedIn action list – a strategy to spend your time on LinkedIn purposefully!
  9. Building relationships – the main purpose of LinkedIn! Consider your contact list. Real & respectful communication.
  10. Understand LinkedIn etiquette