Making your LinkedIn company page work for you


Though LinkedIn is mostly about the professional profiles of individuals, building a business profile alongside your personal one can help to elevate your brand presence in the market. But creating a company page and then forgetting it’s there won’t do much to get attention from your target audience.

If your company page is just sitting there gathering dust, here are some tips to get it working for you:

1. Make it visually interesting

Add your company logo and a featured image, but also think about adding images, diagrams and videos to the page’s posts to draw the eye.

2. Make your business description crystal-clear and appeal to your target market

When crafting the business description, clearly outline your core services, how you deliver them, and to whom. State what sets you apart from your competition – your point of difference – and make it genuine and meaningful. Use language that speaks directly to your typical or preferred client.

3. Use your page to sell, by creating posts that demonstrate how you solve your clients’ problems.

You can stimulate interest in your products and services by creating weekly posts that highlight how you work with clients in these areas. You may include case studies, testimonials or anecdotes as well as links to corresponding pages on your website (to direct people to more information and how to make a booking). However, beware of appearing too salesy in your language or including too many promotional posts without balancing them with helpful or entertaining content.

4. Build a picture of your company culture through your company page

People do business with people – and your LinkedIn company page is a great place to showcase the people in your business! You can highlight team members’ achievements, strengths and recent projects through post updates, and encourage your team to interact and share the posts among their own networks, which in turn builds their own personal profiles by aligning themselves with the company culture.

5. Promote your company page

Posting regularly on your company page will help draw viewers and get you more followers (which means future posts will reach more people). But you can also share the company page updates from your personal profile, which likely has a much bigger network. LinkedIn doesn’t make it easy to do this, but you can share a company post you’ve just added by clicking on ‘Recent updates’ on your own timeline, finding the company post and sharing from there.

Getting interaction on your LinkedIn company page usually isn’t easy. You can, of course, consider paid promotion, but first get your team’s individual profiles up to scratch and try the above points to enhance your company page. And before you pay for advertising, ensure your company page has a clear and easy way for prospects to take the next step to working with you.

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