Marketing’s future: Inbound and creative


In the last issue of News in Visual Marketing I wrote about how successful businesses today are creative businesses – that is, they are creating amazing content that is drawing people towards their products and services in a natural, mutually beneficial way.

Last week I attended Perth’s first seminar for HubSpot, an exciting marketing tool already established in the US and quickly gaining popularity in Australia. I heard from Perth and Sydney businesses using HubSpot to transform their own and their clients’ marketing and experiencing dramatic results.

It was also a great reminder of the most relevant approach for marketing in 2015 and beyond… 

The business and online world has changed dramatically in a few short years and your marketing needs to do the same in order to experience the same or better results!

Here are the key tips I heard from speakers, experienced in marketing, at the Perth HUG event last week. If you take a moment to really think about how these might look in your business, you will start to see how your marketing and sales results could potentially be transformed!

  • Research shows that the main reasons people leave your website’s home page include that the information is not relevant and they are not told what to do
  • Online content needs to become highly personalised and relevant if you don’t want people to see it as ‘junk’ or ‘spam’. Target your emails, or people will OPT OUT!
  • ‘Smarketing’ – big businesses need to create a shared vision between their sales and marketing departments. Sales techniques should come in at the end of the process.
  • INBOUND V OUTBOUND MARKETING: It’s no longer about pushy sales techniques or in-your-face ads. As one speaker put it, “People want to be served not sold to!” It’s about converting, not motivating people to buy, through nurturing and providing quality information and only selling at the end, when people readily come to you!
  • The ‘new marketing funnel’: get found, convert, analyse results and adjust. Answer people’s questions through loads of great content, let them see customer reviews and multiple sources about what you do, and the customer will seek YOU out. Then the sales process is easy.

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I know a lot of people that would agree with this philosophy, and I can’t believe it’s only now becoming the ‘official’ way to go about creating sales. I would much rather come from a position of genuinely wanting to help people and provide awesome information about what I love and know best, and trusting that the idea clients and customers will find me! Though there is a lot of work involved in creating that brand and content and making it visible online, over the last 5 years in business I really have found that this approach is much more rewarding financially and personally than pushing my way through.

In case you are wondering… the HubSpot guys walked the walk and just told the audience about the product using real-life examples, along with providing lots of quality marketing tips, then just stood back and let people approach with questions as they wished. No pushy sales here… how refreshing! Respect gained.

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One comment on "Marketing’s future: Inbound and creative"

  1. Hi Julissa,

    Thanks for this terrific review of HubSpot’s first HUG (HubSpot User Group) event in Perth. We’re glad you were able to make it!

    It’s been exciting to watch the traction and demand for Inbound Marketing throughout APAC over these past few years, and it sounds like there’s positive interest from WA.

    Love to hear that you’ve found the inbound approach to be true as well, and look forward to hearing more from you in the future.

    Sam @HubSpot