ME 2.0: How I’m stepping up MY personal brand in 2016


I’m in the business of personal branding:

I help people uncover, plan, build and promote their personal brands to meet their business or career goals. 

I work with business owners, company teams and marketing departments to assess the message they are sending out both collectively and individually about the business brand or industry they are associated with.

I’ve spent a lot of time and energy working on my own personal brand, because of course, it is my showpiece… but more importantly, I believe in the power of your personal brand to succeed in business today. This is a challenging market, one where people have limited resources (time and money) and yet are flooded with choice on the Internet. Now more than ever, we need to pay attention to the old adage, ‘People do business with people’, and really look at the message we are sending about ourselves and the extent to which we can bring our unique strengths and personalities into our branding.

A personal brand constantly evolves: it builds on your knowledge of your core strengths, passions and values, while the way you are communicating your message requires constant evaluation and tweaking to continue to be effective. Your website design, the wording of your bio, your social media activity, your photos and video are just some of the methods of communication you must continue to evolve. 

So how is my own personal brand evolving in 2016? I’m happy to share it as an example of how you can shape your brand to meet your current needs. In the last year my business has become established as more than just a photographic agency: it’s a brand consultancy and a training facility in how to structure personal brands in the online space. I have felt that my business name, New Work Photography, and the messaging heavily leaning on photography, no longer clearly demonstrates what my business does. I am talking a lot more about personal brand strategy, and my clients work with me on this, not just on their photo shoots. So I have a lot of work to do right now on changing my online communications to fully reflect this.

I have done a lot of work in the past few years on bringing out more of who I am as a person in my business, as I have discovered that people want to work with me personally and know more about who I am. I have changed up my business model to reflect this (taking care to have long-term goals to ensure I’ve not just created a job but a true business… if you don’t know what I’m referring to, read The E-Myth – every business owner should!). I’ve created a lot of visual and written content through professional photos of me, behind the scenes shots, blogging where I speak directly to my reader/client, and built up my social media pages. So this year I am planning to continue building on this, as I’ve found bringing more of me into my business brand is really effective and can still be done professionally and in-context (you don’t really have to bare all, and in many cases, this is not appropriate!!).

Once I have my content re-structured and my business name changed (watch this space this month) to reflect my business fully, my next step is to review whether my content is being adequately seen by my target audience: both the small business space and the larger companies I work with on brand strategy and training (not just photography).

On a more personal level, I am also stepping up. I have goals to move into a new home and buy a new car this year. I am working on reining in my work hours a bit to have more time to focus on self-care. I believe these personal aspects are essential components to a powerful personal brand.

So there’s a peek into how I’m working on Julissa 2.0 this year! Hope it’s provided some insight into how you can be reflective and really structure your personal and business brands to meet your goals. If you think you might need some guidance getting there, I’d love to help you create your Version 2.0!


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