Megapixels don’t make the money shot


This morning a friend of mine asked me to book a photo shoot in for her boyfriend’s new business. He’s a PT and is starting to use Instagram for a visual representation of how much fun his clients have working with him. Problem is, he needs some killer photos that really show the vibe of what it’s like to work with him.

My friend said she’ll have to twist his arm to get him to do a photo shoot. This is nothing new to me, as many clients start off by saying how much they hate having their photo taken! That part is easy – I know how to make sure it’s fun and stress-free. The hard bit is that not everyone is aware of the difference some great shots will make to their business. My friend’s boyfriend told her, ‘My phone’s camera has all these megapixels!’ But as she explained to him, megapixels don’t make the money shot. Creative, skilled photography, together with an understanding of branding, does.

three ladies running

So here are some pics I’ve taken for similar businesses before.

What makes them great? Not the size of an image file. Rather, it’s a combination of:

  • a strong creative concept created for a particular brand’s key messages
  • techniques and choices that come from experience and skill
  • expert manipulation of light
  • professional-level equipment

Girl stretching her arm

tug o war in field

personal trainer with client

the commando training

pilates instructor with client

fitness instructor stretching

personal training team

I’m looking forward to working with the PT guy very soon to create images that show off how cool his business is (and I know, I’ve been to a few of his PT sessions myself!).

Thanks to clients pictured here Conan Fitness, Stamina ETC, Emma Culver, Reform Pilates

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