Night Circus

See how fashion photography creates a story…

A wild mix of futuristic elements and fluoro 80s fashion, this night shoot took denim to a new place… namely, in alleyways and under bridges at the edges of Perth city.

Denim jeans, jackets and shorts along with fluorescent colour were the focus for this slightly scary-looking, circus-themed shoot. Shooting it at night gave it that dangerous edge.



The models braved the cold, the odd looks from after-work commuters, and even the slowing down of passing cars so their owners could get a closer look… all in the name of fun with fashion. There was hula-hooping, glow stick-waving and bubble-blowing galore, but no animals harmed in this circus!

Here’s just a small selection of the ‘Night Circus’ fashion shoot. Thanks to our models, stylists, assistants and security guys!

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