Nostalgia for Old Buenos Aires

In the first few decades of the twentieth century, Argentina’s capital city was celebrated for its affluence, elegance and movie-style glamour, the ‘Paris of South America’. Buenos Aires has been the subject of months of research and writing for this photographer, as well as the inspiration for street photographs in Argentina and a fashion shoot in Australia.

Of course, there is a lot more to the turbulent history of this place, evident in some of the journalistic-style shots I took on my travels. However, for the Perth-studio and Melbourne-location fashion shoots, I wanted to remain ‘nostalgic’ for the classic beauty I saw in Buenos Aires… even if it’s somewhat faded in the 21st century.

Thanks to my beautiful models Rhyannin and Andy for their hours of work with me on these and other shoots, and to talented artist Laura, who assisted in the Melbourne shoot.

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