Not just networking

Networking WA is ahead of the game with a range of marketing services for their clients

What I love about Networking WA – besides a level of professionalism rarely seen in Perth – is the quality of relationships they build with their clients. Besides providing excellent business events where people can network and stay on top of business news, this events organisation supports its members with a range of services in marketing for business or career development. It’s great to be involved at this level of Networking WA’s client relationships.

In our work partnering with Networking WA, we provide a range of visual marketing services to their clients. Apart from the photos members can access from Networking WA’s majorevents throughout the year, we offer their clients a range of corporate photography services for their own events and marketing.

Over the last two years, Networking WA’s clients have used our services for:

  • Visual marketing analysis and advice
  • Corporate profile photos
  • Campaign shoots
  • Photos of products or services
  • Images for presentations, media releases and marketing material
  • And of course, when Networking WA is managing an event for one of their clients, we can often be seen alongside them, capturing the day with great images!



One special service we were thrilled to be a part of in 2013 was providing corporate profile shoots to the winners of Networking WA’s Entrepreneurs and Innovators AwardsThis event is happening again on 7th May 2014 and we will again be offering a corporate profile shoot to one of the winners.