Begin your journey of discovery.


Short Online Course

This unusual time is an opportunity.

It’s an opportunity for those who never normally have the time to work on themselves.

For those who need to make a big change.

For those who need to get clear.

For those who need a new plan.

This is the perfect time to embark on a journey of self-discovery. To do the background work. To get real with yourself about what you care about. To learn how to really communicate your value.

If you:

Are ready to do the work on yourself

Seek to create an authentic message

Want to be more purpose-driven

Need to elevate clarity and confidence in your personal brand

Want to celebrate what is unique about you

See this as the perfect time… but still need to juggle

You will benefit from this 5-session, on-demand, short, sharp and personal online course.


  • The course is delivered over 5 days, with one Discovery Session per day, for an intensive experience. Go back over past Discoveries at any time.
  • Each Discovery Session contains one quick video where Julissa shares teaching points and examples + 1-3 deep reflection exercises for you to complete. You will need approximately one hour to complete each Discovery.
  • Receive and use unique, effective and fun personal brand tools Julissa uses with clients and audiences, but doesn’t share publicly.


The perfect short course if you are just beginning to think about working on your personal brand, you will work to:

  • Increase clarity and confidence in what defines you and the strengths that matter in your work
  • Find out how well the image you are currently projecting and making visible aligns with the way you want people to see you
  • Create a purpose statement that drives your work and is totally unique to you
  • Get really clear on what matters to you in the way you live and work
  • Understand how your boundaries teach people how to treat you, and identify firm boundaries for the way you work with others
  • Reflect on the 12 core areas you need to develop for a strong personal brand – then highlight your development priorities and brainstorm action items

Get the Course for AUD$99 + cc fee

I enjoyed the relaxed videos and Julissa’s easy conversational style – it felt like chatting over coffee. The tools and exercises are comprehensive but also fun to complete and I felt guided at every step.

- Alex

Sydney, Australia

Praise for Julissa’s work

“Julissa is one of the most knowledgeable experts in this area.”

– Richard Calautti, Marketing Manager, HLB Mann Judd –

“A talented communicator and creative thinker… bringing her head and heart to business, Julissa combines a warm nature with a methodical approach.”

– Nick Jerrat, Founder, IdeaBank –

“Now I know why every director and CEO I refer to you gives great feedback. You positively impact people’s lives personally and professionally.”

– Robert Gordon, Director, Board Accord –