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I found this quiz really enlightening – not only was it great to better understand my own personal brand roadblocks, but also those that others face. It’s good to know I’m not alone! There are also helpful examples and exercises to do for each type of roadblock.

Leanne - Sydney, Australia

Personal Brand Blocks Discovery

This is the perfect tool to quickly see what areas in my business I needed to work on for better exposure. It has allowed me to re-evaluate what I really need to be working on, rather than just staying in my comfort zone… all this in the time it took me to drink a coffee!

Rachel - Perth, Australia

Personal Brand Blocks Discovery

Your Personal Brand ROADBLOCKS

You know you need to develop your personal brand… so what’s stopping you?

In our experience, there are a few common reasons why people don’t move forward on creating strong personal brands that help them achieve results in their business or career… and it’s not really about lack of time!

Complete this quiz to discover your personal brand roadblocks and receive activities you can do now to start shifting those blocks.

Use this activity to:

Find out why you are really holding back on addressing your personal brand

Understand how to get past the 7 common roadblocks

Take the first steps to bust through yours!

Downloadable, printable PDF $12.95 + GST – Contact Us to Order

The Personal Brand Wheel

A fun and inspiring – but also revealing – planning tool to get you thinking about your personal brand development.

If you know you need to think more strategically about your personal brand, but you’re not sure where to start, this is a great exercise! It is designed to be fun and revealing, so that you can confidently take action on the next important areas you need to focus on to build your personal brand.

Use this planner to:

Understand what personal branding really is

Dive into a reflection of your personal brand development that will feel creative and enjoyable

Discover the 12 key segments for building a strong personal brand and evaluate where you are at in each segment on the wheel

Identify priorities to work on so you feel you can confidently take action

Downloadable, printable PDF $12.95 + GST – Contact Us to Order

D.I.Y. Photo Health Check

Your profile photos, work-related images and social happy snaps all contribute to the ‘image’ you are projecting about who you are and how good you are at what you do.

Let’s find out how effective the photos you are using to market yourself or your business really are!

Use this in-depth checklist to:

Understand how imagery can build up or tear down your business or personal brand

Explore what the photos you are using are saying about you!

Assess your entire suite of brand imagery like a pro photographer, and know what to look for in new imagery in future

Identify priorities and action steps to improve your brand visuals

Downloadable, printable PDF $12.95 + GST – Contact Us to Order

Online Courses

If you are interested in more than one tool, consider an online course which may include some of these!


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