Woman and purple wall

Personal Brand Visual Strategy: Client Case Studies

Here are some examples of my work with clients on a visual strategy for their business and personal brands, covering a wide range of industries.


Woman and purple wall

Through a series of personal brand photo shoots themed on bold colour, Alba shows her vibrant personality and sense of style, key drawing cards for clients wanting to work with her on their personal image. Her shoot took place in a variety of indoor and outdoor locations including city alleyways and a beachside bar. 

We planned photos that would bring bucket loads of positive energy and fun. She now uses these images to brand her e-books and workshops, keeping consistent by matching these to her Facebook ads. The pop of colour in her advertising immediately stands out from online clutter.

Alba Gomez profile photo


Business woman at desk

Jennifer loves working with businesses on their strategy. Her friendly and bubbly nature and her professional know-how were key aspects we wanted to draw out on her shoot. To keep it fresh and modern, we planned a photo shoot in a city gallery with big white walls and wooden floorboards, a cool office space and a colourful courtyard. 

For Jen’s clothing, we chose colours that work with her online branding, such as the vibrant orange.


Engineer with plans

A sought-after engineering consultant, Mark needed some new profile photos as he was building his LinkedIn profile and creating a website for his new company. Rather than just some head and shoulder shots, I suggested incorporating some shots of him at work, looking over plans and consulting with a client.

I talked with him about what his ideal client would look like and hired talent to match that description. The result was a fully fleshed-out photo that provided Mark with a strong visual collection to kick off his new branding.


A quirky, warm and quick-witted guy, Darrel’s creativity is a big part of his business consulting practice. He already had a clear idea of what he wanted his photos to look like: edgy, incorporating an old-world feel and maybe some black and white.

I planned his personal brand photo shoot in a Mt Lawley bar that had a wonderful variety of elements such as chesterfield couches, embroidered lamps and exposed brick walls. The bar opened early for us so we had free reign! We included some up close photos for some in-your-face portraits – Darrel’s signature portrait style – and moved out for some context shots that really added interest. Darrel now has a wide variety of eye-catching photographs to use as covers for his YouTube videos and across his marketing.

black and white photo of man


woman consulting with two clients

Lina’s expertise in sales strategy was the focus of our visual planning for her brand. We headed to a high-rise boardroom to get some shots of Lina doing what she does best – consulting with clients and presenting a sales seminar. In Lina’s case (as with most photo shoots), it was all staged – we even got some volunteers from the office to pose as her clients – and this allowed us to take our time to get those money shots for her new website. 

Lina can also use these profile and presenting images when she’s putting together PowerPoint presentations and event advertising copy. 


profile photo woman and flowers

Kim’s beautifully gentle and caring qualities immediately struck me when I met her, and this carried through as I listened to her speak about her work in natural healing. It was important to her to get in nature to create visuals of her work with clients. 

We used a friend’s gorgeous country home and garden to shoot a variety of setups including Kim’s healing work with children and adults, her consulting with a client, and her personal spiritual practice. Keeping her profile photos simple, we concentrated on her gorgeous gentle expressions, her energy of movement and her love of colour and nature to express her unique gifts through imagery.