Presentation for IGO

Personal Branding Workshop for IGO’s Graduate Program

Presentation for IGO

‘Your Personal Brand at Work’ – Half-Day Workshop for Independence Group (IGO) Graduate Program, June 2018

Workshop Overview

This high-energy workshop introduces graduate-level participants to their personal brand, the psychology of making a good impression and how to shape their own personal brands in person and online, in order to achieve success at work.

The workshop features visual examples, stories, written and active exercises, and discussion to get participants involved in thinking about their own personal brands.


The workshop was very well received including comments from participants identifying what they valued most:

What was the most useful part of the Course?

  • Personal branding workshop which helps to understand how to present ourselves at the best presence
  • Learning the importance of developing a personal brand
  • Excellent personal brand trainer in Julissa
  • Talking about group networking and then applying it in a group environment

What were the major benefits to you from participating in this course?

  • Learning how to develop my personal brand
  • Understanding how important first impressions are and how they effect your personal brand
  • Have gained some great conversation tips/networking
  • Learning how to better conduct myself, as a company representative, at external events