Photo tips for business and marketing specialists

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Being creative (how do you show your point of difference?)

Is it the scale or variety of clients you service that makes you special? Ensure you showcase examples through professional photographs taken with these clients.

Is it your caring, one-to-one approach with clients? You may need shots of you consulting with a client in a cosy setting.

Is it your ability to network, make connections, inspire people through your presentations? You definitely need real shots of you speaking to a group of people, looking confident and switched on.

Is it your creativity as a cutting-edge marketing company that makes you amazing? Well, you probably have a terrific concept in mind for the photos on your website!

Showcasing work

‘At work’ shots display your services and these can be constructed situations (a staged boardroom meeting, for example) or case studies (scenes showing your team working with a real client). List the services you provide and the situations your client experiences and work with a photographer to replicate or record these. You will not need to use fake-looking stock images of client meetings if you have professional photographs taken of a real one.

If you create products such as brochures, websites and other marketing collateral, case studies will work well for you. When you create a special one-off project for a sales pitch you should definitely record your work with high-quality photographs before sending it off to the client.

Building the personal brand

Business coaches and consultants must consider their personal brand first. Clients look to you as an example before deciding if they want to work with you. For this reason your profile photo, speaker shots and the photos showing you at work with clients must be up to date, professional and complimentary. This area should be one of your top photo priorities!

Building the business brand

Stock photos related to business scenes abound so your challenge is to source images that stand out and are highly specific to you. Your best approach is to work with a photographer to create images that say something about your brand, use your people and place of work, and are for your exclusive use.

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