Photo tips for corporates and professionals in WA


Being creative (how do you show your point of difference?)

Being WA-based is a big point of difference and the world has their eyes on us. Some of my corporate and engineering clients have chosen to show this by having their profile photos taken with iconic Perth and WA backdrops, such as the river, the city skyline, the coastline and even city alleyways!

Another creative approach to profile photos of directors that is just catching on is to use an editorial style (such as the photos you see alongside features in business magazines) to give the company a really fresh, up-to-the-minute look.

Showcasing work

With so much competition in the mining industry now, Australian companies are seeing the importance of using professional photographs of real projects rather than generic mining photos for their websites and print material.

The difference in a professional shot of a building or mining site, architecture, large-scale equipment, factory floor or any other project compared with an amateur photograph can make or break your prospectus or brochure – your powerful tools for first impressions.

Building the personal brand

In some cases, it will be important to picture staff in their on-site work gear – for example, if the audience needs to connect on ‘ground level’. In other situations, polished profile photos in corporate dress is more appropriate, but you could still go for a more approachable feel by photographing these team members in action, such as working one-to-one with a client.

In finance or accounting? This doesn’t have to be boring as you know. Many of my clients in these areas like to have the profile photos taken with an artwork in the background, to bring colour and creativity into the shot.

Building the business brand

Generic images of mining are widely used but many mining companies are beginning to book photographers to take site-specific photographs of projects and people.

For highly professional corporate businesses, all aspects of their presentation should be the same – right down to a professional shot of the front reception.

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