Photo tips for fashion industry, stylists, hair and make-up artists

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Being creative (how do you show your point of difference?)

The fashion industry and related fields are the easiest in which to show your creativity and uniqueness – opportunities to demonstrate what you do abound, because yours is a visual trade.  However, this is also an industry where you can get image representation so, so wrong. It’s visual, right? So you will be judged on looks first of all.

Showcasing work

It’s so important to use photographs that do your work justice! Show you care about your work and that it is something special by having it professionally presented. This is important for finding new clients or customers, for showing your portfolio, for entering competitions and for PR.

If you create a product, you should have a series of consistent-looking ‘product’ shots for your online gallery or shop, plus more ‘arty’ shots of your product that you can use in advertising or on the home page of your website, to draw people in. For fashion designers, this will consist of a fashion shoot to tell the story of your label, that can then also be featured in magazines or blogs, and catalogue shoots to document, display and sell individual garments.

Don’t forget to record your one-off projects photographically before sending them off to your clients, so you can add them to your portfolio and creative library.

Building the personal brand

Who you are is in high demand among your customers and followers! They love your label and your creativity behind it, so show images of yourself at work, ‘behind the scenes’, and get a really punchy creative profile photo shoot done of you and your team.

Building the business brand

If you have a shopfront or salon, ensure the photographs taken do the space justice. Photographers have tricks to make the space seem bigger and more impressive if that’s what you want, or they can highlight the arty/quirky side of the space you work in.

You may like to work with professional models or picture your pieces on everyday women, such as compiling a series of ‘street shots’, depending on your brand. I always advise my fashion clients to have garments, jewellery and accessories photographed on people, not only as product shots on mannequins or a table, to give customers something real to connect with.

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