Photo tips for hospitality and food industry


Being creative (how do you show your point of difference?)

Are you about big flashy events? You need images making the most of the scope, lighting and colour.

Do you do simple, honest food? Try staging it on natural fibres such as wooden boards, bark or even sand.

Is your business all about the people in it? Showcase them with great images of them at work.

Is it the location? If it’s by the ocean, use the ocean in your shots, but in surprising ways.

Showcasing work

Excellent shots of food and beverage are expected in the ‘foodie’ world we now live in!

Polished photographs of wait staff interacting with happy customers, chefs at work, diners enjoying themselves, party-goers celebrating… should all match your establishment’s style and complement the website or brochure.

The hospitality industry loves ‘energy shots’ – those showing blurred movement such as a waiter rushing by. This is a classic technique that still works well to give the feel of a busy and vibrant place to visit.

Don’t forget good quality room shots showing what your venue can provide in terms of space and ambience.

Building the personal brand

Profile photos, particularly of chefs, managers and coordinators are one important way your customers connect with your business online. These should be creative and taken within your establishment, showing the staff members in their element.

Building the business brand

Consider a photographic style to match your food, venue or service style e.g. – food placed on surprising backdrops or with the colour amped up could work well with bold, cutting edge brands – classic photography – elegant, short depth of field, soft colours or black and white – could give a more traditional and reliable feel – clean white backgrounds for images of food, staff and more will give a fresh, minimalist feel.

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