Photo tips for natural health, beauty, life and wellbeing coaching

Being creative (how do you show your point of difference?)

You have what we crave. The images you use are a huge part of creating that sense of peace, wellbeing, health, hope and happiness that is what your customers are ultimately buying.

You can tweak the style and content of these images to suit your particular ethos and offering. Many of my clients want to move away from the traditional ‘yoga on the beach’ stock photo and come up with something new that suits their individual business.

Showcasing work

Is your workplace an intimate setting, a light and airy room, a fully-kitted-out studio… or does your work take you to all kinds of interesting locations based on the client? 


This is important to demonstrate through fantastic photos of your work clients, so that potential clients can find something to relate to.

Building the personal brand

Are you a confident, vibrant go-getter that inspires others? Are you gentle and caring with your clients? Are you a no-nonsense coach who gets things done? Are you cool, calm and connected to nature? Get a creative profile photo shoot done that demonstrates who you are – you will end up with a series of great shots taken in your environment that you can use across your website and marketing.

Building the business brand

Above all choose stock images that are fresh (not seen everywhere already) and evocative of the emotion behind a customer’s decision to buy. Better yet, have a shoot done for you so that your images are highly personalised and available for your exclusive use only. Your photographer or marketing consultant can help you work out a creative concept and a series of images just right for your business.

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  1. Love the emphasis on using images that reflect your personality – it’s so important but so easy to forget that and focus on the product. Great advice!

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