Lady in pink jacket

Pink Ladies

Legs of lady in red

Last week I said that if you want more business, you should wear RED

But I know that red might not be for everyone, and other bright colours can do the same trick… so here are some of our clients rockin’ PINK.

Bright colours can change your mood, your business, your image, your life:

• They make you look younger and healthier in photos
• You will appear to be more confident and successful
• You will feel and look full of positive energy (at your photo shoot and in real life)

Pink in particular says that you: 

  • Use your feminine/softer/more creative side to your advantage
  • You are happy person (people love to hang out with them)
  • You know you’ve got it going on (again, people love to be around people like that!)

So what are you waiting for? Uplift your wardrobe, your website, your workplace, your day and put on a splash of PINK!

Thanks to our clients who are pretty in pink: Pink Management, Radical Consulting, Alba Gomez Image Consultancy, Dome Cafe Port Coogee, Image by Jennifer

Lady in pink dress

Lady in pink jacket

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Lady with ipad

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