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Principles used by Influencers

Toy dragon in sandpit

Big social influencers in Australia and around the world

…like Daniel Priestley, Marie Forleo, Jack Delosa, Ben Angel and Danielle LaPorte, work to some big principles that allow them to be powerful in person, in print and in the online space.

After reading a lot of their work, there are some key principles which really stood out to me:

Daniel Priestley

An Australian newcomer to London, Daniel Priestley quickly built up a powerful network and became a key player in his field, despite starting with almost no money or connections. Then he wrote a book about it: Become a Key Person of Influence.

He gets right to the point and smacks you in the face with facts about how the world has changed overnight and if you continue to think in old ways, you’ll lose. He then outlines a five-step process to become a key player in your field: Pitch to a micro-niche, gain credibility through published work, turn your knowledge into a marketable product, work on your online profile, and find great partners for joint ventures.

Ben Angel

Love or loathe his constant stream of emails, Ben Angel gets attention, and he knows his stuff. Yes, he sells a lot of programs through direct email, which can make people squirm… but he also gives away a lot of valuable content for free. I loved reading a hard-copy of his book, Flee 9 to 5, Get 6 Figures and Do What You Love, which I found in a bookstore on a day when I was feeling stuck and ready to take my business in a new marketing direction. Ben explains a detailed strategy for creating a product from your knowledge, marketing it, and selling it online in an automated system, so that you can move towards working fewer hours, from anywhere, and making money while you sleep. Publicity and social influence through media such as Facebook are key factors in Ben’s game. 

Marie Forleo

Who doesn’t adore Marie? She’s beautiful, quirky, funny and passionate… and you get the feeling she wants everyone to have as much passion and fun in their lives too. Marie is all about getting your own headspace right to be effective in business. Her weekly videos on MarieTV cover practical topics from marketing strategy to meditation techniques, and she gets some big names on her show to talk about helpful tools in business and life. Marie is so right… you need to get YOU right before you can ‘create a business and life you love’.

Who has been influential for you? I’d love to hear about more powerful people at the top of their game!

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