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Discover your Personal Brand Short Online Course

Discover your Personal Brand Short Online Course

This short online course is perfect if you are just beginning to think about working on your personal brand.

You will work to:

  • Increase clarity and confidence in what defines you and the strengths that matter in your work
  • Find out how well the image you are currently projecting aligns with the way you want people to see you
  • Get really clear on what matters to you in the way you live and work
  • Understand how your boundaries teach people how to treat you
  • Reflect on the 12 core areas you need to develop for a strong personal brand – then highlight your development priorities and brainstorm action items
New Normal Networking Flow ON-DEMAND course

New Normal Networking Flow ON-DEMAND course

A networking plan for the ’New Normal’  that combines Online/Remote-Working and In-Person techniques for building your networks and staying top of mind in this time of great change.

In a series of 3 ON-DEMAND online workshops, you will work to:

  • Get out ahead of the substantial competition by having a much more pro-active plan in place than most people do
  • Create a clear and personalised path of action so you know exactly what steps to take each week
  • Gain confidence in using LinkedIn and other online/offline methods to ‘network’ and demonstrate what you can do – without fear of appearing overly self-promotional
  • Foster real new relationships and nurture existing ones, using tools that are available to you right now
  • Set the foundation for sales conversations you can begin now – or stay top of mind with clients and contacts until they are ready to work with you