Discover your Personal Brand Short Online Course


This short online course is perfect if you are just beginning to think about working on your personal brand.

You will work to:

  • Increase clarity and confidence in what defines you and the strengths that matter in your work
  • Find out how well the image you are currently projecting aligns with the way you want people to see you
  • Get really clear on what matters to you in the way you live and work
  • Understand how your boundaries teach people how to treat you
  • Reflect on the 12 core areas you need to develop for a strong personal brand – then highlight your development priorities and brainstorm action items

Automated 5-day online course ‘Discover Your Personal Brand’ includes video introductions and comprehensive downloadable exercises (includes Personal Brand Planning Wheel & Your Personal Brand Roadblocks products). You can expect to receive your first emailed Discovery within 1 day of purchase.

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